Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sick baby

Jack has a cold today and I have been running on 3 hours of sleep all day.
I love my baby boy so much that I do nothing but think of him 24 hours a day.I hope he feels better soon.
He loves his little ducky!


Melissa Wertz said...

Poor baby! There is a lot of stuff going on right now. If his fever gets too high, put some ice wrapped up in wash rags (after giving him whatever meds the doc told you to give him) under his armpits and behind his knees. That brings a temp down faster than anything I know. DD used to spike a temp with those things all the time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Budgies are great. Tweety is unique and one of a kind. I fear there will never be another like him. His wife is as dumb as a rock. I think his son is too though my DD said he is really smart. The son budgie and I simply have a different relationship. I am the lady who clips wings and catches him to put him in the cage and I suppose that is all I will be to him.

Melissa Wertz said...

Zoey will step up to almost anyone. At first, we thought she would not like me and love everyone else. But, she has turned out to be 'my bird'. I think it is because I am home all day. I feed her, I clean her cage, I bath her, etc. She really loves DH, but he keeps scorning her and she responds by... nearly taking a hand off! She loves DD and is really DD's bird. However, when she wants 'kisses' and is on DD's shoulder and DD doesn't want to give kisses, Zoey doesn't bite her hard, but aggressivly takes her kiss with that can opener beak. Soooo DD is not allowed to have Zoey on a shoulder any more.

We had Tweety for a long time before getting him a wife. I think he was terrified of her. It took him over a year for him to allow her to come near him and they shared a cage. Though they mated, it never broke his bond with me. I think he has always been 'by bird'. His favorite place is any where I am. He is the best 12 bucks I have ever spent. It will be a sad day when we find him at the bottom of the cage and he is old now.

Natalie said...

Feel better Jack!

Isn't it so hard when they get sick and are still too little to tell you exactly what's going on?

Love those pics :)

marie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today!
So sorry to hear your little one isn't feeling well ~ hope he's better soon!

Abby said...

Jack is such a sweet little guy! I love all the pictures of him. I hope he is feeling better!