Sunday, August 3, 2008

Betty Boop fan

Do you love Betty Boop?? I do, I don't know why but I am crazy about Betty! Is there a person that is real or cartoon that you are obsessed with? who??? I am just a Betty fan! Let me know who you are crazy about!!!!!


the notorious C.H.A.S said...

i think i am a little crazy about the emily strange cartoon character. she is so cute but so evil. i love her. and i am really obsessed about new generation pin ups. they are kind of like the suicide girls. it's great!!!

Veggie Mom said...

I've always been a Betty Boop fan. My mom liked her, too, as did my Nana. I think she's been around a while, hasn't she? BTW, Uncle Lynn has given me the go-ahead to do another Great Pop'rs Giveaway--it kicks off tomorrow, so please tune in!

quitecontrary1977 said...

wow.. you're rocking the mom blog world with that boop photo.. wild..