Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not much to say but I say it anyway

I must be honest and say that lately all I want to do is sleep and spend time with my husband. The end of this pregnancy makes me feel like avoiding all the people that I am friends with. I just feel so annoyed and easily anxious. I wonder if it is normal to be so reclusive at the end of pregnancy??
Yay!!! I won 3 usb pens for my husband tonight!


the notorious C.H.A.S said...

i don't think there is anything wrong with you feel so reclusive toward the end of pregnency. honestly, i think it's normal for some women to be easily annoyed by other's if it is their friends toward the end because you horomones are at their peek. see what i am saying?

amberleahorsefly said...

I remember crying when someone passed the salt wrong...Its normal to just recluse into your own world and its ok because no one will hold it against you....I love you and hope you feel "normal" soon!

quitecontrary1977 said...

I bet richard was pumped about the usb pens, cool. i never see you nymore! it is so weird! can't wait until jack comes out so we can all hang out! what fun! blog about my giveaway now!

Shannon said...

Finally getting to your blog after you left a comment on mine God Gave Me You.
Hope you are having a wonderful pregnancy and cherishing every moment as it seems this pregnancy is very special one.