Wednesday, June 25, 2008

heartburn and pregnancy

Today has been just the same as the past days of this month,complete with a weak bladder and heartburn.All day and all night heartburn actually.That is one of the less pleasant reminders of pregnancy.
I hate to wait for presents,even Christmas is a drag for me because I like to give and receive the presents before they make it under the tree.Waiting for this baby to come has been hell on my,I lack patience and I can't hardly stand it. Time has passed pretty quickly but gosh,I just hate having all these cute little clothes and things with no one to put them in.
Oh well, that about does it for today.I could go on forever about other stuff but I will save it for another day,I need some Tums for now.


Carolina Mama said...

Congratulations on you pregnancy and your blog! I would love to have been blogging when I was pg. ;) Thanks for signing up formy giveaway! Good luck! they're every Wednesday.

Mrs. Who said...

Thanks for your comment. When I was pregnant (MANY moons ago) and had heartburn, the only thing that helped was sleeping almost sitting up. Try propping some pillows under your back and neck. Good luck! My giveaways are every Monday.