Friday, June 27, 2008

Why they gotta mess with me?

I went to a doctor today because being pregnant they worry about thing like gestational diabetes so I had to take lots of test and today go hear the results.I sat in that office for hours even though I knew it would only take her a minute to tell me my results.I actually got up to leave at one point because I could hear the doctor joking around with the nurses instead of working with her patients.At last before I went insane and ran out of there she comes in to tell me that I am normal and that I have no trouble with sugar. Then, she starts telling me that they would like to check it out every three months after the baby comes and how she wanted to do more test and all kinds of crap even though she told me I am perfectly normal.If I am normal,why would they want to do all these test??Money! I believe that woman would run any test possible on me because she likes money so much.I have been warned about her before by another doctor that she will want to run expensive test just to get the money but I don't have any money so she can forget about it.
Sorry to bitch and moan so but wow,that really irks me in ways I can't express!
I threw in a picture of me at my baby shower just to cheer myself up!These are some of my best girlfriends and me!


Jennie said...

Rachel, thank you for your comment, you are in the draw.. giveaways are so cool, I love doing them :)

quitecontrary1977 said...

i won a liz phair cd tonight. they are just giving them away.. like instantly! i'll clean the house to it!

John Deere Mom said...

Welcome! Thanks for entering the purse giveaway. Good luck with the last couple months of your pregnancy. It will go by quickly!

Veggie Mom said...

Glad your tests came back normal! Good luck with the next couple of months. I found your blog thru another link, and I'm very impressed! I have a new blog, and I'm doing a giveaway. Please click on to enter the contest. Hope you drop by soon!