Thursday, June 26, 2008

I went swimming

Today has been rather pleasant. I woke up early,went to my doctor who tells me that I am controlling my gestational Diabetes well and I got to go swimming.
Here is a picture of me in all my pregnant glory! Yup, I am a whole lot of woman,but I wasn't exactly skinny before the pregnancy!I am me and I am just happy that in 2 months I will have a beautiful baby all my own!! I will be a nervous Nelly once he is actually born!
Oh, I am going to have a baby boy clothes and other baby items giveaway soon.It is gonna be a whole lot of stuff.Whenever my sister helps me figure all this crap out I will put it up.It is going to be one of the best little giveaways ever,you will see!


quitecontrary1977 said...

Wow.. There is almost something perverse about that photo.. You look like a pregnant pin-up girl!

Anonymous said...

congrats on your soon-to-be-new-little-sweetums! thanks for visiting my blog and good luck! you are welcome back anytime. :)

Purple Sparkle said...

Hi Rachel!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Congratualations and that's a great picture - I'm more than a little bit jealous!
Becky x

Vintage To Chic said...

Hey Lady,
Be proud, pregancy is wonderful no matter what the size and children are the joy in our life.

Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Enjoy the months you have left; put your feet up as much as you can and by gosh, take as many naps as you can too. I wish someone had told me how sleep deprived I would be after the baby came!
Sleep,sleep,sleep! You'll thank me for this bit of advice once you have your little treasure at home, LOL! I'm sooo happy for you! Enjoy! B=)

bunzi said...

you look super cute!