Monday, July 14, 2008

Blood pressure

I have been really worrying all day because my blood pressure is high nd I am very swollen. I have been battling this since I have become pregnant and I worry that I may be having PreEclampsia. I go to the doctor every week and they treat me like I am doing something to cause this but I am not. I may make myself go to the doctor tomorrow if some of this swelling doesn't go down.I don't want to take any chances,ya know?

Well, here are a couple pictures of me in my new Wal-Mart dress!!!Hey,I think I look pretty good for a big lady with a big baby belly! Anyway, I put them up for everyone that loves to see pictures of me. That would be me!hehe!


Michele said...

You look beautiful in that dress! I had high blood pressure with my first child too. And, yes, felt that they thought I should be doing something different. My suggestions are: lay on your left side whenever you are sitting, resting, etc. It sounds wierd but it really does help to keep the blood pressure in check. Also, you probably already do this but drink lots of water. The goal is to not let the blood pressure stay high. But, my daughter was born at 38.5 weeks at 5 pounds, 14 ounces. She was long and skinny due to the higher blood pressure but everything else about her was wonderful. And you'd never guess even weeks later that she was skinny at birth! LOL She's 11 now and all good. Good luck with it all and make sure you rest lots. If you want to chat more, just give a hollar!

quitecontrary1977 said...

you look pretty !! that's your color!! sorry to get you worried about the swelling..but as long as you feel fine, i wouldn't fret! just keep as activeas you can!

Storm said...

You look really good in that dress! How are you feeling today - did you go see the doc about the swelling?

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

You look great!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Hello Miss Rachel!
Goodness girl - you look great in that dress! I had a bit of high blood pressure with my first, but LOTS of swelling - I had to get shoes one size bigger! Drink Drink Drink your water - prop those feet up (let everyone pamper you!!)

As far as a cool group - you ought to start your own - while your propping your feet up, think of something that would be fun!

Happy Day!
Karla & Karrie too

Sassy Pink Boutique said...

I had high blood pressure too the last week of my pregnancy, had to be induced. It was weird because I had no problems the whole pregnancy with it! Just try and relax - it's not your fault!

The dress is adorable- dontya just love wal mart?!?

Thanks for entering our give-away! Now I'm working on getting votes for my pink washcloth candies- ack- the pressure! Take care of yourself!

Christie O. said...

ohmigod this post makes me want to cry! i was in the same exact boat!!!!

first i want to tell you this and i mean this because you will probably blame yourself for this long after the baby is born, BUT PLEASE DON'T! This is NOT YOUR FAULT!

I had preeclampsia with my first child. I had terrible skyrocketing blood pressure and my water retention was so bad people couldn't even recognize me (even three months after the baby!) i was on bedrest, i was scared out of my mind. i fought with my husband all the time because i had this feeling the baby would come early and i never felt like he was helping me get ready. when we fought my blood pressure went up higher! i blamed myself (and even him) for the longest time.

but it's not worth it. it just happens. there is no explanation yet. and i hate how sometimes the medical community makes you feel like maybe it's your fault. whether it's pre-pregnancy weight or stress or whatever. but preeclampsia or blood pressure problems just don't discriminate. every type of woman can have it (i know every type!)

please don't blame yourself. even deep down. i can't tell you this enough. (i just wrote a big long story about this that was on 5minutesformom yesterday about how i had to forgive myself.)

sorry about the long message but that feeling that your doctors make it seem your fault just lights my fire! just do the best you can to stay stress free and your body will do what it will do. my thoughts are with you.