Friday, July 11, 2008

Ultra Sound

I didn't get any new pictures from my Ultra sound the other day,they just didn't offer.Jack is doing well and growing well so that is good enough for me.
Anyway, I put this picture from my last ultra sound up so you could have something to look at. Do you see my little guys face?? Creepy huh?? He looks just like his dad!


The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Rachel - oh - your baby's picture is precious! I've got a Jack myself - he'll be 7 on August 1st. When are you due?? How exciting - hope your keeping cool! I went through summer months for all three of mine! Anyway - thanks for popping in and entering the giveaway! You know what - we'll enter for every comment (that will put us in the Christmas mood -eh??)
We'll be checking in to see how things are progressing!!
Karla & Karrie too!!

jeanne winters said...

Oh, so sweet!! That brings me back. My youngest is not even two, but seems like forever since an ultrasound. What a blessing your little Jack will be!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Isn't it fun when you get to actually SEE your baby. Have you seen the new ultra sounds? My friend had one when she was just pregnant. It REALLY shows what the baby looks like. It's so clear and looks like a picture more then an ultra sound.

I hope you are feeling more upbeat today. Hormones sure do play tricks on the body!

Big hugs,

Storm said...

awww, that bites that they didn't give you any new pictures of Jack, I wonder why! Who wouldn't want them?! He's going to be such a cutie!