Monday, July 21, 2008

Hospitals suck

So, My blood pressure got a little too high today and I ended up going to the hospital just to play it safe.I guess I forgot how terrible hospitals are but I remembered quickly when I got there.
I was poked at and stuck with needles,left alone for long periods of time. I was touched in places I thought they would have to pay me to touch and then for some reason they decided that they wanted pee straight from the bladder and I got a catheter put into my tinkle place! NOOOOO!!!!! That hurt so bad I was like oh crap,if that feels like that,what is having this baby going to be like?? Drug me and put me to sleep please.
So, they let me come home from the hospital,thank God!I have to do more laying around which is crazy because I barely move anyway,I am the most lazy person I know.Damn,I just hate hospitals.I feel violated and sore.
Well, here is a cute tummy picture I found on the web. I like it and it cheers me up.I would even cheer up more if I could win some giveaways! My luck has not been so super lately but I sure know some wonderful people in my life and I have met some great Bloggy people too.I guess my luck is okay,just not perfect.


The Apron Queen said...

In addition to being the Apron Queen, I'm also a Mommy/Baby nurse. Chin up & hang in there. You're taking good care of yourself & your baby. Great job! And don't blink. Becasue before you know it, you'll be helping your baby fill out college applications. :)

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Storm said...

I'm cringing at the catheter, you poor girl! :( I'm glad they let you come home though, and aren't making you stay in the hospital until the baby is here! (yuck!)

Here's hoping you win some more giveaways :)

amberleahorsefly said...

I love my Rachel and my little Jack...stay in bed...Ill come by and be your schlaaaave...might even feed you a banana!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I thought that was a picture of your tummy! I wonder if that's a real photo or a doctored up one. Either way it's cool.

Poor you! That catheter is bad! I've had one. Ouch!

You know, from what I hear all the pain is worth the darling little one you will be soon holding in your hands so don't worry.

Can't wait to meet your little one!

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Momma On The Go said...

First of all thanks for entering my giveaway. Also, I'm not sure when you are due but I developed preeclampsia last week. I had to do a 24 hour urine test to confirm and then last Saturday we opted to deliver the baby before the problem progressed. I was 37 weeks though so the baby was considered full term. Good luck with everything!

Jenny said...

Hospitals do indeed suck. I work in a shop located inside one and while I love my job, I did not love having my daughter here. The nurses and doctors ran the show, and it didn't go the way I wanted. (Episiotomy--yowch!) Last week I had to deliver a gift up to L&D (first time I'd been up there since the blessed event) and it was then that I realized I never want to go back up there again! Just remember that you're the boss of your baby's birth! (And remind the hospital staff too.)

ElitistBlogger said...

Rachel, sorry about your bad experience. My dad just had a hell day in the hospital yesterday.

You should send the hospital bill for, dare I say, services rendered :-)

It's like they think you are a game of OPERATION and not a human. Maybe every time they do something that hurts you you can turn around and do it to them.

HEY DOC! How does a cathater in your privates feel huH?! haha

I hope you have a beautiful baby that grows up to be a wonderful adult and productive member of society.....unlike those that work in hospitals!