Friday, July 18, 2008

So, the baby will be here early

I went to the doctor today just to find out that my baby will have to come in three weeks or so.That is a month early!I have high blood pressure and they are worried about me and the baby although right now,it isn't hurting him at all.So, I have less time to get things ready. Scary!!!!!! I guess you are never ready but this is too soon.
I have not won any giveaways in a few days. Maybe my bad luck will bring me good luck??? That doesn't make any sense.
So, thats all I have to say today.


Kim @ What's That Smell said...

I think your sister better give you the cookies she won!

Kim @ What's That Smell said...

Also...take of both of you, you are right that you are never ready!

Storm said...

Oh wow! Do you have his room all ready to go yet?

Being told he has to come earlier would only just send my blood pressure higher! LOL

Christie O. said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog -- I got here through your sister's blog and read that you're having your baby a little early. It's something I know a little about (mine came early too, I had preeclampsia). I just wanted to share with you some comfort and send you some happy thoughts. There's probably nothing scarier in the world than knowing your baby is coming early (or has arrived early). For the record, my 34 weeker is now a 2 1/2 year old perfect (healthy--that is) little boy. A dear friend of mine's 30-weeker is a healthy happy wonderful 1 1/2 year old. I know that probably doesn't help ease your fears (it never helped me when people told me their success stories until I actually became a success story) and that's ok, I just wanted to share. I hope and pray that everything goes ok. Sorry for the long book comment -- I am running a contest at my blog for a necklace from my etsy shop but I was wondering if I could send you one anyway? I hope you don't think that's weird - but they have all happy messages on them and well, they help me stay inspired or motivated or whatever it is I need at the time. (And no, there's no catch, and no, not spam! just one earlybird's mommy to another!) E-mail me at christieo_7 at msn dot com if you get a chance.

misspvc said...

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. You are entered for the drawing. Come back again soon.
Patti V

Mommy Mash said...

Hi Rachel,

Congrats on your new baby!!

Thanks for popping in my blog. Would love to give u the bag and toy but I am residing in Singapore while u are in US.

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by for my contest!

I had my second son exactly 4 weeks early in April. It was a big surprise for everyone, including the dr. We had nothing ready and no name picked out. He had to stay one more night in the hospital than most babies and a little bit of jaundice, but otherwise was fine. He's perfectly healthy now at 3.5 months. 6lbs at birth and about 14 now!