Thursday, December 4, 2008

All I want for Christmas is to keep my teeth

All of my teeth have cavities right now.The cold air outside sends throbbing pain through my teeth.Cold and hot drinks make me cringe.We just do not have the money right now to get all the dental work I need.We barely have enough money to fix one tooth.
Eating nothing but sugar all my life must be the fault of my tooth decay but it is too late now to bother with where the blame comes from.
Maybe one day I can't get a nice set of dentures!!Ha ha!! Lets hope that it doesn't get to that point!


JaMean said...

:( Dang, that SUX! I have 13 cavities and I cannot afford to fill all mine either.

Did they prescribe that nasty, SUPER high flouride toothpaste for you too? To help prevent any more cavitites?

Carrie said...

I know how you feel...I am having problems with toothache but do not have dental insurance.
Thanks for visiting my nativity blog and do come by soon again.

Chelle said...

Oh, no! Is there some sort of dental clinic or something that will work with you to fix them?

So sorry they are bothering you :(