Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dairy products kill me

Last night while I was sleeping so peacefully in my warm bed I awoke to terrible pain.I sat right up,sweat was pouring down my face and I felt like I was going to barf right then and there.I got up and ran to the bathroom when the green apple splatters took over.I hate to saying like this but I was pissing out of my butt!!!!!!
I spent about a good hour in the bathroom before trying to go back to bed only to end up back in the bathroom just moments later.
What was happening to me???Well,I got a bad case of the cheese!I am allergic to dairy and I have been my whole life but I have a secret love affair with dairy products and sometimes dairy doesn't want to see me anymore so I get dumped,literally!
Anyway, some people are lactose intolerant but I got the real allergy.It's a hard life for us people that want nothing but dairy and end up with the barfs and the poops.
Just thought I would share that with you.


quitecontrary1977 said...

Hey.. that happens to me sometimes. The trick is you have to eat lots of dairy, consistently. Humans aren't meant to drink cow's milk, you know. Nature didn't think it possible that we'd all have bovine teets in our mouths. Gross! Or start eating soy cheese...

Queenie Jeannie said...

We got the barfs and poops over here too,,,,,,,,but it's a stomache bug. Still not fun, so I "feel ya".