Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Men are hard to shop for but my sister had a good idea

Here is a picture of my husband for you to look at before you read my blog entry.Isn't he a sweet looking guy?? He is the nicest man I have ever known!Hey,he was really born a man too!!! I never thought men could be so nice.
My sister had a great idea about what to give the husband for Christmas.Make a coupon booklet for things like a free back massage,a coupon for sex,one for a meal made just the way he likes it,one to let him win an arguement.You know,that sort of thing.That is a great idea,huh?? You could make it to fit your own relationship or you could make a booklet for another family member other than your husband.Just do not hand the booklets to the wrong person.Could be bad if you gave your father in-law your husbands booklet!Ha ha!!
Anyway, what would your husband like in a coupon booklet if you made one for him??? Let me know,don't be shy!


JaMean said...

Well, for YOUR hubby, one for:

Change the baby when it's HIS turn.

For MY man it would be:

Help work on one vehicle without complaining.

Be quiet when I know he's driving the wrong direction.

Let it go when HIS kids do something naughty.

Wear something sexy to T-Shirts don't count unless there are (don't be offended...) boob holes cut out.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Great minds think alike, lol!! Great idea!!!!!