Sunday, December 14, 2008

Do you feel guilty at Christmas?

I always feel like I have never bought enough presents or that the gifts I did buy are not the right ones.I feel like I don't make enough food or the food that everyone wants.I just end up feeling worried and unhappy when Christmas comes around.I never have enough money and I never decorate enough.
I have great Christmas spirit but I still just wish every Christmas could be prettier then the last.I get all excited thinking about the holidays and all these warm feelings of my childhood come to me but when the holiday gets here I just do not get those feelings anymore.I guess I am way too old to enjoy Christmas with that same childish wonder but it would be nice.
Do any of you get the Christmas Blues??


JaMean said...

I used to. I would go NUTS trying to please everyone and I would lost my Christmas Spirit.

Now, I have 4 kids to focus on, and it gets that way, too, some days. But, When I look back and remember Christmas, there are only a few presents that really stood out. I can never remember what was decorated how.

Just start a few traditions of your own, with your family. Or, make sure you carry on your childhood traditions with your NEW family.

And for Heaven's sake: DON'T WORRY! Just remember the REASON for the Season!

Debbie said...

Me Too!!!! Thank you for saying this. It helps to know someone else feels this way.