Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Coming close to the big 100!!!!!New Years and much more!!!

My 100th post is coming up very soon. This is Number 99 so one more post to go. I will have to do a giveaway in a day or so.I just have to think of what I would like to giveaway for my big 100th!!!!
Happy New Years to everyone!!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful night and the next year is the best year any of us has ever seen.
I will be putting up some new pictures of baby Jack in a couple days and I have another year of wonderful blogging and picture sharing ahead of me.
If anyone wonders what I will be doing tonight,I will be sleeping when the New Year ball drops.I go to bed at 10 now because that is what time little Jackson goes to sleep.My hubby may not be playing tonight which will make this our first New Years together. In the past 9 years he has had a gig with one of his bands,sometimes I would go watch but we never shared a New Years kiss or even said Happy New Years to one another. Too bad we will be in bed sleeping when we finally get to spend the last day of the year together.
My Grandfathers birthday would have been today. He passed away 2 1/2 years ago.I miss him today. I loved him very much. He raised me and my sister, he was the best father in the world.

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