Saturday, December 27, 2008

a question for people with babies

I have not been able to find much time for blogging lately.Jack has my attention most the time.
Jack is just now 5 months old but he screams like crazy if you ever put him down.My family has to pass him around so we can do anything like eat or use the bathroom.Is this normal??I do not know if he is actually spoiled or if most babies never get put down when they are awake.I don't know many ladies with babies so I would love to hear from anyone that knows about babies.If I should put him down and let him cry how much crying is okay before I should pick him up again??He cries real tears as soon as I try to put him in a seat or on the bed and he screams like he is in pain even though I know he is not in pain,just lonely. What do you think??


renee said...

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JaMean said...

My youngest went through something like this. Just keep your chin up. Find something that really grabs his attention, like a toy or something.

Try leaving him alone with it. Start in small time incraments if it's too hard to leave him alone. 5 mintues, then move to 7 or 10 minutes.

He will figure out ways to entertain himself sooner or later. :) GOOD LUCK! This is normal and it too, will pass!

Joanne Kennedy said...

I don't really know the answer to your question but if I were you I think I would ask my Dr. It seems like they are always changing what is best for a baby. Like sleeping on the back, no now the tummy, no now the side.

Good luck.


silverhartgirl said...

When my son cried i picked him up. I would put him in a swing and hold his hand after awhile i would leave.I get on the floor with him while he was under his activity center and just be by him.I think it is normal. Babies like being around other people. It dose get annoying especially when you want to eat.

Steph said...

Some kids do this some don't, mon didn't but the good news is they do grow out of it. If you have a swing I suggest putiing him in it for short periods of time and as he is comfortable add a couple of minutes everyfew days. Hang in there

babalisme said...

mine does it too, she's 4 months old. Yes, I have to "work in shift" with other family members, otherwise, she'll cry as if pinched or hurt.

I was told that this is normal, and you can never spoil a baby at least before she/he is 6 months old.

I was worried to as well, but it's very relieving to hear that you go under the same thing as I do.

Good luck!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Some babies just like to be held! have stuff to do too and you should be able to go to the bathroom in peace too.

You are going to get real burned out, real fast without some kind of break. It's going to be healthier for BOTH on you in the long run if you can both have your space.

Try swings, bouncy seat, tv, music - whatever will draw his attention. Then let him see you (NOT picking him up) so he knows you are there and he's still "safe". He will learn!!

Brandi Schaefer said...

He`s still really little and I wouldn`t worry about it too much right now. He`s probably just trying to learn how to self sooth and hopefully he will learn how to make himslef happy with out having to have mommy or daddy hold him all the time. Really don`t stress to much about it. Just make sure he`s getting plenty to eat and he`ll grow out of it soon.

Hippie Family... said...

hi!! I see you found my blog and I am so glad to find yours!! your little boy is soooo cute.. and yes this 5 month old thing will end soon enough and he will be sooo happy! he wants to be independent now and at the same time feel secure, so take your time and understand he's figuring out and seeing more now.
No Joke, I went to our local library and got a million CD's and DVD's when my daughter hit that phase. it does not last long.

Lucy said...

it's been so long since i had babies, but i agree with joannes advice.. start a list and put a call into the doc. with your questions. They expect new moms to contact them often!
I remember when my first was younger than that I did EVERYthing with him hanging off my neck in one of those baby holder material thingeys! washing dishes, vacuuming, laundry!
but i don't remember what age I stopped. good luck! it will allwork out okay! :)